Why choose us

There are several reasons for parents to have us in the first choice :

Our environment

Our environment is a true home away from home, our outdoor play spaces are designed to encourage adventures and exploration in a safe and natural environment.

  •   1500 m2 open playing area with anti-bacterial flooring
  •   Two swimming pools.Untitled-3
  •  Extensive grassed play areas.
  •  Netball courts.
  •   Adventure playground areas.
  •   Covered seating areas.
  •   Heating Ac and fans in all classrooms.
  •   Antibacterial flooring classrooms.
  •   Rich library.
  •   Clean and well organized kitchen and catering for all children using disinfection program for all catering tools.
  •   Medical care center.
  • Cinema


Our commitment to safety

Your child’s safety is our main concern, we provide every employee with passcode secured entries as well as indoor and outdoor security cameras monitoring.