Programs Info

Juniors Academy program
Our educative program is designed to encourage children to be energetic, curious, creative, experimenting observing and interacting with others.
Our teacher’s instructional supports and services help all children learn and succeed.
We provide education for the following areas including:

  • Languages : English and French
  •  Early Mathematics.
  •  Science.
  • Arts and crafts.
  •  Music.
  • Health and physical education.
  •  Personal development.
  •  Primary principles of religion (Quran and Bible).

Juniors Academy program will provide opportunities for each child to learn and use

  •  Read and write.
  •  Become aware of Colors, Shapes, Sizes and Numbers.
  •  Paint, Draw, Model, Build and construct.
  • Look, Listen, Hear, Touch and taste.
  •  Climb Run, Jump, Push, Pull, Catch and throw.
  •  Develop a happy, positive attitude to learning.
  • Smart boards and tablets.
  •  Work with computers.
  •  Adjust to his/ her new environment.
  •  Strengthen self-confidence.
  •  Form good habits of health and safety.
  •  How to interact with others.
  • Learn problem-solve and make informed decisions.
  •  Listen to and tell stories.
  •  Imagine, Wonder and think.
  •  Play alone or with others.
  •  Ride vehicles.
  •  Learn to share.
  •  Talk about and express thoughts and feelings.
  •  Respond to rules and routines.
  •  Play with dolls, puppets and tools.