Daughters VS. Sons

Are daughters harder to parent than sons?  Or are sons harder to rear than daughters? You will get as many different opinions on this topic as there are blades of grass. There is no right or wrong answer; the truth is that your sons and daughters are children who have different personalities, interests, strengths, struggles and gifts or talents.




Personality. Your child has been born with his or her unique personality. Observation of multiple birth children shows that by the early months you will see the sunny side of one and the good humor of another.

Even the serious one can be noticed at a few months old, and a complainer will be heard early on! Strong willed youngsters are natural leaders, but need to be steered in positive ways so they learn to not overpower their siblings. These different personalities can be male of female, and have a profound impact on their interactions in the family and how they navigate through life.

Interests. While it is true that the family dynamic will have a effect on what children are interested in, (football families usually intensely support a favorite team) children can surprise you by wanting to learn a skill or study something that has never been investigated by other family members. Wise parents support the child’s interest in astronomy or rock collecting and encourage the pursuit of a variety of interests by their children.

Strengths. Children have different strengths and an alert parent will be aware of each child’s abilities. Some children have natural athletic potential and others are more cerebral. Some children are natural negotiators and others good problem solvers. Again, gender is not a factor as much as the child’s own natural skills coming out. However, parents can still encourage the athlete to work on intellectual pursuits and the brainy child to get out and have fun in an athletic activity. A well-rounded child is happy in a variety of situations.

Struggles. As with adults, children will sometimes encounter areas of life that are a challenge. This is not gender related. Both boys and girls will hit a rough spot occasionally and parents learn to direct their child based on personality, temperament and using their strengths to overcome obstacles. Whether your child becomes teary or angry when they have a bad day, are bullied or get a bad grade, you need to be the rudder that helps guide their boat through the rough water. With your guidance both your boys and girls can learn to handle things that do not go the way they want them too!

So is it harder to raise boys or girls?  Not really. It is hard to be a parent, period. Parenting is the most important job of you whole life. Being knowledgeable is the best way you can provide the direction, counseling and nurturing that each child needs to grow into a happy, productive adult!

In the meantime, you can enjoy shopping for pretty clothes with you daughter, taking her to dance recitals or baseball games, and playing football or visiting science centers with your son. There are not many gender boundaries, and the world is an interesting place to explore and enjoy as you raise your children.

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