Opportunities for Each Child

Juniors Academy program will provide opportunities for each child to learn and useĀ 

  • Read and write.
  • Become aware of Colors, Shapes, Sizes and Numbers.
  • Paint, Draw, Model, Build and construct.
  • Look, Listen, Hear, Touch and taste.
  • Climb Run, Jump, Push, Pull, Catch and throw.
  • Develop a happy, positive attitude to learning.
  • Smart boards and tablets.
  • Work with computers.
  • Adjust to his/ her new environment.
  • Strengthen self-confidence.
  • Form good habits of health and safety.
  • How to interact with others.
  • Learn problem-solve and make informed decisions.
  • Listen to and tell stories.
  • Imagine, Wonder and think.
  • Play alone or with others.
  • Ride vehicles.
  • Learn to share.
  • Talk about and express thoughts and feelings.
  • Respond to rules and routines.
  • Play with dolls, puppets and tools.